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Discover The Tritium Tube Illumination Technology

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The ability to manufacture the self-illuminating light technology is the result of decades of research and development work in the area of radio luminescence. The company mb-microtec ag is the originator and only manufacturer, worldwide, of watch lights based on this technology. Tritium Tube technology doesn't require a battery or charging by sunlight, is maintenance-free and has a guaranteed lifespan of at least 10 years.


Tritium Tubes are tiny, airtight glass tubes with a luminous coating on their insides. The coating is charged with electrons emitted by the tritium gas which makes the coating luminous(when such an electron hits the powder layer a fraction of its kinetic energy is transformed into light). The electrons within a Tritium Tube are generated through the disintegration of tritium (an isotope of hydrogen).


Tritium Tubes are filled with tritium gas. Tritium is unstable and disintegrates whilst sending out beta radiation (electrons) with a half-life time of 12.3 years to helium. The electron is unable to penetrate the human skin and can be stopped without any problems by a sheet of paper.

Size of a Tritium Tube

Size of a Tritium TubeĀ® Today, mb-microtec ag is in a position to manufacture lights with a diameter of just 0.5 mm and a length of 1.3 mm. Tritium Tubes are available in multiple colors.

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